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Rajshahi Medical University

Rajshahi Medical University (RMU) is a public medical university located in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Established in 2017, RMU is one of the newest medical universities in the country, offering undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses to students from Bangladesh and other countries.

 In this article, we will discuss the history, faculties, admission process, fees structure, and career opportunities at Rajshahi Medical University.

Rajshahi Medical University was established in 2017 by the Bangladesh government as part of its initiative to expand medical education and healthcare services in the country. The university was created by merging three existing medical colleges in Rajshahi – Rajshahi Medical College, Mohanagar Mohila College, and Rajshahi Homeopathic Medical College. The university is located on a 44-acre campus, which includes academic buildings, lecture halls, laboratories, hospitals, and student hostels.

RMU offers various scholarships and financial assistance programs to deserving students based on their academic performance and financial need. The university has several merit-based scholarships that are awarded to students who have secured top ranks in the admission test. In addition, the university also offers need-based scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Students can also avail of various government scholarships and loan schemes, such as the Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust and the Education Support Programme.

Rajshahi Medical University provides excellent career opportunities for medical professionals in Bangladesh and abroad. Graduates from RMU can pursue various career options in the fields of medicine, surgery, dentistry, nursing, and public health.

They can work in government hospitals and clinics, private hospitals and clinics, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, and international organizations. In addition, graduates from RMU can also pursue postgraduate medical courses, such as MD, MS, and M.Phil, to specialize in a particular medical discipline. The university also offers residency training programs to graduates, which provide hands-on training and experience in various medical specialties.

Rajshahi University: A Deep Dive into Rajshahi Medical University (RMU)


When one mentions Rajshahi University, it conjures images of academic excellence and renowned institutions. Among its notable establishments, Rajshahi Medical University (RMU) stands out. Established in 2017, RMU has quickly become a beacon of medical education in Bangladesh.

Historical Context

The origins of Rajshahi Medical University are rooted in the Bangladesh government’s commitment to strengthening medical education and healthcare infrastructures. RMU isn’t merely a new institution. It was born from the merging of three established medical colleges in Rajshahi: Rajshahi Medical College, Mohanagar Mohila College, and Rajshahi Homeopathic Medical College. The university’s sprawling 44-acre campus, part of the larger Rajshahi University landscape, boasts academic buildings, cutting-edge laboratories, advanced hospitals, and cozy student hostels.

Awards and Financial Aids at Rajshahi Medical university

The beauty of Rajshahi University’s RMU lies in its dedication to inclusivity. Recognizing the financial challenges many face, RMU provides a plethora of scholarships. There are merit-based awards for those who shine in the admission tests and need-based ones for those facing economic hardships.

Moreover, students can tap into government schemes like the Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust and the Education Support Programme.

Career Prospects Post Rajshahi Medical University Graduation

For those stepping out with a degree from RMU under Rajshahi University, the world is teeming with opportunities. Be it in Bangladesh or abroad, RMU graduates are poised to excel in various sectors, from medicine and surgery to dentistry and nursing. They’re equipped to serve in government and private hospitals, research institutes, pharmaceutical giants, NGOs, and even global organizations. Further academic pursuits are also within arm’s reach, with postgraduate courses like MD, MS, and M.Phil

RMU’s Diverse Faculties:

Being a part of Rajshahi University, RMU proudly presents an array of faculties:

  1. Faculty of Medicine: From Anatomy to Internal Medicine, the depth and breadth of knowledge imparted here are unparalleled.
  2. Faculty of Surgery: Where students transform into surgeons, mastering the intricate art and science of surgery.
  3. Faculty of Dentistry: A faculty dedicated to all things oral health.
  4. Faculty of Nursing: Where compassionate care meets clinical expertise.
  5. Faculty of Public Health: Preparing students to tackle health challenges at a community level.
  6. Faculty of Homeopathy: A nod to Rajshahi Homeopathic Medical College, this faculty delves deep into homeopathic practices.

Getting into RMU:

For many aspiring to join the ranks of Rajshahi University through RMU, understanding the admission process is crucial. Prospects face a challenging entrance exam, often followed by an interview and medical examination.

Fee Structure Insights:

Studying at RMU, under the Rajshahi University umbrella, is an investment in one’s future. While the exact fees may vary, the general consensus is that it’s more economical than many Western counterparts. Prospective students should always consult the RMU official website for the latest fee breakdown.


As Rajshahi University continues its journey of academic excellence, RMU is set to become a shining star in its constellation. With world-class faculties, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to producing top-tier medical professionals, Rajshahi Medical University is not just a place of learning but a launchpad for future leaders in healthcare.

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